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Rick in Virginia

After 2 years of painful, “trickling” urination every 15-20 minutes during the day and up 7 times per night, I started to give up hope this could change.

While I knew about Dan’s work as he had successfully treated my wife for a parasite infection, I was skeptical that a remote energetic evaluation would work for

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Susan B in Hawaii

Aloha! Checking in. I have felt an increase in energy and joy over the first two weeks with Optimized Folate. It feels like I am in a stellar alignment being in Hawaii during this cleanse. I have had:

about 1/5 of the coffee 1/10 of the alcohol let go of flour products

Sleep, especially last night, was much deeper. I

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Ann in Silver Spring

It was great to be able to work with Dan over Zoom, especially during the pandemic. Dan made it easy for me to access the remedies, and it was immediately clear that the remedies were helping my symptoms.

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