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About Us

Our Mission

As a bubbling spring feeds all vegetation from a deep source with its life-giving waters, it is our goal to provide holistic health care information and services to assist individuals in their healing journey by opening fully to their deepest, inner Source of Life-giving energy.

Bubbling Spring Wellness offers the service of a very experienced, eclectic energetic medicine practitioner.  

Our Energetic Medicine Expert

Daniel Ebaugh, M.AcDaniel Ebaugh, M.Ac., an acupuncturist in private practice in Maryland for 35 + years and now living in Central America, successfully blends ancient and modern theories/practices of energetic medicine with cutting edge technology to offer a deep range of treatment options that can successfully deal with minor health issues or the most stubborn, “untreatable” chronic conditions. 

He combines his training in 5-Element acupuncture, Kiiko Style Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbs, IQS electro-dermal screening, muscle testing, NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), and Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES) scan when approaching the energetic evaluation process.

Additionally, over the past 40 years he has trained in Buddhist meditation practices focusing on developing the sublime art of becoming aware of awareness itself and extending into the Field from his heart to the heart of another who may be in the same room or in a distant location.  He has received many empowerments from Dogzen and Kashmir Shaivism masters and as an energy medicine practitioner he finds himself very much at home working in the Field.  

All these trainings and experiences blend into a unique set of energetic evaluation and treatment skills possessed by few practitioners in this country. 

What distinguishes Dan from other practitioners is his experience, knowledge, and skill in communicating with your body’s Wisdom so that it informs diagnosis and dictates treatment allowing him to provide you with a very individualized treatment plan designed to move you forward in the healing process from a place of dis-ease to a to a state of greater wellness.

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