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The Remote Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation



The Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation blends ancient and modern theories/practices of energetic medicine with cutting-edge technology which are based in the laws of quantum physics, which is the science that identifies matter as energy, validates the existence of energy fields in the body and their influence in controlling our physiology and our health.   

Most of us have studied Newtonian physics which easily explains natural things like gravity. Only a few among us have tackled quantum physics which explains phenomena like matter and energy. Consequently, most of us do not comprehend these universal phenomena called energy.  Nevertheless, quantum physics has proven that matter and energy exist.  They are very real, and they have been around since the beginning of time. 

While the ancients could not explain how the universe of energy works in quantum terms, the Chinese acupuncturists were able to detail the flow of energy through meridians that run on the surface of the body. Further, they were able to duplicate their energetic treatments, explain the cycles of nature through the Law of the 5-Elements and detail the flow of energy through the body.


As a 5-Element acupuncturist, Dan is trained to work with the energy, or Life Force, in the body. This Life Force manifests and expresses itself within the body as a system of meridians and on the surface of the body as an energetic field. The Western expression, “a person has a big presence about them,” is referring to this field. 

Anything that meets this energetic field will either make the energetic system weak or strong and it will read out through the muscles. So, we can place a physical substance like an herb, some fruit, or a cell phone, for example, in the energetic field, typically in front of the heart, and observe the body’s weak or strong response using muscle testing.  


Likewise, thoughts, words and emotions possess their own subtle energetic field or unique energetic signature, and they can easily be communicated from one person to another when the two are face-to-face or miles apart.  So, whether the muscle test is performed in person or remotely, we can substitute a word or thought for the actual physical object and get an accurate response.

The idea that thoughts or words have their own unique signature and energetic field comes from the concept of vibrational energy, which states that everything in the universe is made up of energy and has a vibrational frequency. 

Further, the concept of the energetic field located off the surface of the body suggests that our thoughts have a subtle energy that extends beyond our physical body. This energy field is believed to be a manifestation of our mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

The idea of a unique signature for thoughts stems from the understanding that every thought we have produces a specific vibrational frequency and corresponding energy pattern. Each person has their own unique pattern of thought frequencies, which are influenced by their individual experiences, beliefs, and perceptions.


Also, it is well known that our thoughts can interact with and influence the vibrational frequencies of other people and objects in the environment, creating a kind of energy exchange. This idea is based on the concept of resonance, which states that energy vibrations can affect and be affected by other vibrations with similar frequencies. You may have had the experience that while thinking of a friend that friend calls you on the phone. This is a classic example of resonance. 

So, when a practitioner places a thought or word in a client’s energetic field with the intention to elicit your body/mind’s response, resonance occurs, and the client’s response will read out weak or strong through muscle testing just the same as if he had used a physical object and the two had been sitting face-to-face. This is based on the idea that the body has an innate ability to recognize and respond to subtle energies, that these energies influence the body’s physiology making it either weak or strong. and the impact can be communicated to a trained observer through muscle testing.


Muscle response testing bypasses the conscious thinking processes to deliver information from the body and the subconscious mind. Your brain carries out thousands of non-verbal, interactive “conversations” with your muscles, glands, organs, nerves, immune system, etc. every second. Your body is internally “self-aware” of all these systems from the moment of birth. No instrument, medical laboratory, or computer is as sensitive, powerful, and comprehensive as this wise part of you.  The Autonomic Nervous System is an “other than conscious information processing system” made up of the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.  It controls all involuntary bodily functions like digestion and breathing etc. and is the body’s link to this innate wisdom.  So, whether you are a new-born infant, an animal, or a mature adult human being, we can communicate with this innate wise part of you by way of the autonomic nervous system.   


During the Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation, the autonomic nervous system is asked more than 1000 questions to find out what is functioning well and what is not. A practitioner looks for the relationship between symptoms, function, external stressors (pollen, foods), internal stressors (bacteria, yeast), and herbs or natural supplements. This allows a practitioner to discover what is really going on and what may be blocking the body’s healing. 

Additionally, this process reveals the optimal combination of remedies and dosage to help move your body toward health.  So, we give your body exactly what it needs to heal, and the result is typically a clear movement toward health. No formulaic treatment here, just individualized medicine that has a high probability of producing the desired result.


Here is a sample case which will illustrate the energetic evaluation process. Jane is having difficulty getting pregnant for a second time. According to her GYN, there is no reason she cannot get pregnant as both organ and hormonal function test normal.  The GYN’S parting words are “Keep trying”.

During the Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation, gluten is identified as an allergen. Further sleuthing indicates gluten ONLY impacts the function of the uterus. No other organs or hormonal glands are affected by the allergen. Knowing this, we can solve the mystery by treating for the gluten allergy, detoxing her body, and readying the uterus to perform its natural function. 

By following the body’s wisdom with the discipline of a detective, this holistic, individualized investigative process allows us to discover what is really going on and what individualized treatment to offer.  

Sleuthing "Mystery" Conditions Is Our Specialty

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