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What Clients Are Saying about Treatment with NMT

NeuroModulation Technique has been a godsend for our family.  Our three year old daughter had eczema that became progressively worse over five months.  She was itching day and night.  We tried many different therapies, including a strict diet, before we found NMT.  With one NMT session, the eczema began to clear, literally overnight.  Within two weeks it was gone.  Although it resurfaced briefly, it was mild and disappeared easily.  NMT has also helped our daughter's digestion and food sensitivities.   

For me, NMT cleared up persistent back and neck pain, and it helped me to have more energy and feel more peaceful.  Our family is so grateful to have found Dan Ebaugh and NMT.  Thank you Dan!

Alison H.  Rockville, MD


Skeptical at first, I am confident that NMT resolved the  pain and inflammation a tooth that would otherwise have required a root canal.  During in-office NMT treatment sessions and in meditation with the program on my own while repeating the in-office treatment at home by playing the MP3 file, the tremor in my right hand becomes completely still. While the tremor can still be activated by stressful situations, its intensity is less and I have longer periods where I don't notice it.  In addition  From an emotional perspective, I feel these NMT treatments have, some how, increased my self-confidence about meeting whatever the future might bring and opened up my ability to experience joy in my life....a benefit I had not anticipated, but something for which I am most grateful. 

Andy D    Washington, DC


NMT has been tremendously successful for me. I came in hoping for allergy treatment. Dan diagnosed me and put me on the Candida diet -- which has resulted in a complete transformation. The biggest benefit, for me, has been MOOD modulation. Huge for me. Huge. Who knew that what I was putting in my mouth every day was making me FEEL BAD??? With mood modulation has come the elimination of self-medication, aka 30 years of bad habits. (Yes, I gave up those martinis. Easily.) Not to mention the 12 pounds I lost, almost effortlessly. Although the Candida has receded and Dan has released me from the diet, why on earth would I want to go back to feeling bad??? Nope. This is it. It's working for me. I want to take on some other life challenges with NMT, and hope for half as great a result.  

Karen J-C    Takoma Park, MD


“I tried the NeuroModulation Technique  (NMT) to address some  emotional issues of feeling stuck and vulnerable.  It was with some curiosity, trepidation and skepticism, but figured I had nothing to lose and every thing to gain since my friend had a good experience.   Most amazingly, despite ‘not believing in it,” I experienced “overnight” results and woke up feeling very blissful. Since then I have a deep unflappable calmness that is changing the way I perceive and react to people in my world.   I feel "unstuck," less vulnerable and SO UPLIFTED. 

Alison S.     Rockville, MD

Dan helped me identify the core complex of thoughts, feelings, memories and images that tends to repeat itself in my life. He then used a process involving tapping and eye movements that breaks up the energetic constellation holding all this in place.  I could really feel the pattern breaking up and releasing.  The overall sense is one of feeling freed up to live fully.
Anne in Takoma Park 

I just wanted to share a very positive experience I recently had (am having!) with a practitioner I found through takomapakk listserv. I had my first appointment with Dan Ebaugh at Bubbling Spring Wellness in Kensington last week, after over 2 years of blood tests, steroid prescriptions, food elimination, etc for severe joint pain. Dan met with me for over 2 hours, and in the end, prescribed a change of diet, some ayurvedic drops and certain supplements from the co-op. Today I woke up without a hint of pain (first time in over 2 years!), and feel fantastic. Just thought I'd pass the word along. I had gone through every medical specialty for joints, diseases, etc, and had thought I'd either be living with pain or meds for the rest of my life. So far, so good!

Peggy in Takoma Park  (P.S> I know this sounds like a testimonial, but I am just amazed at how I've felt all week - and the amount of energy I have! I had to recommend Dan)



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