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Here is an excellent source of B12 and iron, and it is non-constipating. The body can actually absorb the iron from Aqueous Liver Extract so you rebuild faster. This product contains beef liver fractions from animals raised in South America where ranchers use no chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics. Very effective for that weak, lethargic feeling that comes from an inadequate diet, the loss of blood or stress. I have seen this product do wonders.

$19.00 - 90 soft gel caps from PhytoPharmica


Cat's Claw is an herb which has been referred to as "The Opener of the Way" because of it's remarkable ability to cleanse the GI tract. Indicated in Crohn's disease, colitis, diverticulitis, leaky bowel syndrome, diarrhea, parasites and general support of the immune system. A very useful herbal remedy.

$20.00 - 2 oz.


Echinacea is an herb which stimulates the production and release of immune system T & B cells and interferon. It neutralizes viruses, destroys bacteria and moves white blood cells to the infected area. Begin taking echinacea at the onset of the slightest symptoms of cold, flu, stomach virus etc. No family should be without this natural remedy especially during cold and flu season.

$20.00 - 2 oz.


Are you thirsty after drinking plenty of water? Does the water you drink pass right through you? Do you have constipation, dry skin, arthritis, thirst, disc problems, osteoporosis, PMS, allergies, high cholesterol? Hydrate Plus could possibly ease your condition.

Hydrate Plus is a homeopathic tincture which you mix with water and apple juice. It enhances the uptake and utilization of water in every organ and cell of the body thereby promoting the normal function of each organ. Many of my clients and I swear by this product.

$21.00 - 2oz. homeopathic


A woman must be concerned with the strength of her Blood as the menstrual cycle and the process of procreation easily depletes her Blood. Whenever the Blood resources of life need to be replenished, whether from depletion or a constitutional tendency, Women's Precious is the right balance. Women's Precious is Chinese herbology's premier women's tonic.

$23.00 - 1 of. tincture from Jade Pharmacy


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