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Does Your Body UPTAKE Enough Water ?

The amount of water that one drinks is irrelevant if the body does not absorb the water taken in. Many people drink large quantities of water daily, but fail to achieve water uptake and hydration. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the body is composed of 75% water and water directs all functions of the body. When the water metabolism of the body becomes disturbed, the following symptoms arise: dry mouth; dry shin; constipation; water retention; back pain; headaches; bloating or abdominal discomfort occurring after drinking; difficulty forming saliva; disinclination to drink water because of the taste; refusing to drink water, while obtaining fluids from coffee, tea, fruit drinks or manufactured beverages.

Dehydration is the body's greatest stress. Whole metabolic systems are disrupted, often severely, by dehydration. Consequently, the body needs daily supplies of water. If the intake/uptake of water is insufficient, the body will signal its desire for water. This signal may resemble the body's signal for food. Consequently, the thirst signal is often misinterpreted as hunger. (Therefore, when hungry, first drink some water, wait a few minutes…then see if hunger symptoms persist.)

According to Glenn Braddy, an Australian nutrition researcher, the key to rehydration is to provide a transporter that will carry the water into the body. Two such transporters---sub-acid fruit juice (like apple or pear juice) and caffeine in diluted amounts, for women and dandelion herb tea, for men---when taken in combination with water, greatly enhance the uptake of water by the body.

(It is important to note that many people who crave coffee, and other caffeine sources like cola's and chocolate are actually using those beverages and foods to achieve rehydration--although sometimes only temporally. It is also important to realize that caffeine and coffee are not the same thing. Caffeine is an alkaloid substance that 's extracted from plants such as Kola. It is present in coffee but needs not be indicated along with coffee, simply because it is contained in it.)


Use flat (non-carbonated) mineral water, or reverse osmosis water mixed with one of the following sub-acid fruit juices: apple juice (with a cloudy brown color, NOT clear like white wine), pear juice, or ripe pineapple juice.

Fill a quart bottle 2/3rds full with water, then add 1/3rd juice. Add 30 drops of Hydrate I to this quart mixture.

Sip on the quart mixture throughout the day. (If you are experiencing digestive problems, it is important to consume one glass of the mixture thirty minutes before each meal.)

NOTE: If you have kidney disease, begin with one glass of the hydration mix per day, and slowly increase up to the desired amount. This will allow the kidneys to adjust to the increased fluid uptake, and utilization.

Drink the herbal hydration mixture for 6 straight days, ie. Monday through Saturday. Consume only water on the 7th day, ie. Sunday. Then repeat the same procedure at the beginning of each 7-day period. After six to eight weeks, you should begin drinking more pure water and reduce the mixture.

Hydrate 1 can be easily ordered from Bubbling Spring Wellness

Read more: "Hydration: A New Paradigm" an indepth article about water and the body.


  • Harris, Paul, Ph.D "Hydration: A New Paradigm" The International Institute Of Energy Medicine, Inman, SC

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