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Let Your Energy Do the Talking
By Daniel Ebaugh, M. Ac., L.Ac.

Energetic medicine is more than 5000 years old. The Chinese culture produced acupuncture, Tai chi, and chi gong. All three disciplines focus on the skillful movement of energy -- the Life Force -- within the body to produce health. The Indian culture gave birth to Ayurvedic medicine which excels in its ability to understand the energetic nature of herbs and food and how they move the energy in the body toward balance. Homeopathy, also, an energetic medicine, focuses on extracting the plant's energetic essence rather than its chemical substance for medicinal purposes. Modern man has the benefit of the understanding and wisdom found in the fundamental concepts of these energetic systems of medicine. Acupuncture and Ayurveda medicine developed in agrarian cultures where the elements, heat, wind and cold, etc. were the primary external pernicious influences.

Modern man must protect, not only, against the Elements, but he must strengthen his immune system against chemical and environmental pollution, as well. Acupuncture and Ayurveda are incredible systems of medicine, to be sure, and standing alone, they have their limitations in being able to meet the needs of the "polluted, " under- nourished, modern man. In addition to acupuncture and Ayurvedic, modern man needs a holistic, energetic system which can evaluate his polluted state, remove the offending toxins, and nourish the depleted organs while tending his spirit.

Today, this system of understanding is available through the use of sophisticated biofeedback and computer technology designed to read the body's energy -- the Life Force -- and indicate whether or not there is an energetic presence of something we call toxins, pollutants, food reactants, and the like. If toxins are found, it then suggests remedies which will detoxify and strengthen the body.

My healing journey has led me to explore energetic medicine as practiced by the ancient Chinese and to come to appreciate modern man's ingenious inventions which allow us to communicate with the meridian system. As a child I was very healthy. As an adult, I typically had enough energy and my body worked well except that I experienced headaches. During the summer of l978, however, I burnt out from seeing too many massage clients at the Watergate Hotel Health Club and not taking care of myself. I needed a quick way of getting my energy back and a trusted friend recommended that I try acupuncture. I responded well to treatment. In fact, I was so impressed with the beauty of this natural system of medicine that I chose to study it.

After practicing acupuncture for five years, I enrolled in a two-year Chinese Herb course taught by the nationally known, Ted Kaptchuck. As my study of herbs progressed, so did a stubborn digestive condition. I became my first patient. Using the trial-and-error methods employed traditionally by herbalists and western doctors, I searched for formulas which the book said would aid my condition. Allowing for the fact that I was just a novice at this work, I, nevertheless, expected to successfully diagnose and treat these symptoms. The truth is, I never succeeded. After a period of time I sought the counsel of more experienced herbalists who were equally unsuccessful with my case.

I grew tired of this cerebral-based, trial-and-error approach. I met an NIH researcher who was experimenting with a biofeedback machine hooked up to a computer. This device offered a benign way of asking the body what substances it wanted and supplying immediate feedback. By this time in my process, immediate feedback and a body-based approach sounded absolutely wonderful to me. My first visit produced an "energetic thumb print" of my energy which, as an acupuncturist, I recognized. This enhanced my confidence in the technology. It developed that a hormone in homeopathic form, not Chinese herbs, balanced my energetic system. This explained why neither my colleagues nor I could find herbs that produced the desired results.

From this experience I learned: 1) when given the tools to communicate with the body, the body's energy will "talk back" saying exactly what it want to bring about health; and 2) by using technology that interfaces with the body's energetic system, the questionable trial-and-error method of finding the right herb or remedy can be successfully replaced with a reliable body-based, feedback system.

I have been experimenting with the Eclosion bio-feedback machine since l990. I have found that all "healthy souls" can benefit from an Eclosion energetic evaluation. It is not necessary to have a pathological symptom to be tested. Just by living life in this modern world, aging, and eating non-organic food, your system is likely compromised and could use the precise support it desires to return to health and prevent further imbalance. Likewise, all "unhealthy" souls can, most assuredly, benefit.

If you experience chronic conditions such as colds, low grade infections, mucus discharge, digestive difficulties, low energy, or allergies, then an Eclosion evaluation can pinpoint the exact remedies to pull out any toxins lurking and choose supplements to nourish and build up the Life Force. Through a computer driven program, the Eclosion bio-feedback machine communicates with the energy in your body. It gives a detailed digital read out indicating the energy balance in the Endocrine, Digestive, Immune, Lymphatic, and Acupuncture Meridian Systems. The digital read out is not a medical diagnosis but rather an assessment of the energy's state of balance.

At the time of evaluation, your body's energetic response to the energy found in herbs, homeopathic remedies and glandulars lets us know precisely which nutritional supplements will bring your bodymindspirit into balance. No more spending lots of money for supplements touted to be beneficial for everyone when your body may not even need them. By identifying which remedies are needed to balance your energy, we can determine from an energetic perspective, what is blocking the Life Force's flow in your body, ie. toxins, pollutants, bacteria, fungus, food reactants, etc. Detoxifying and rebuilding the bodymindspirit takes time. Re-evaluations 4-6 weeks apart are recommended.

This, you see, for the modern man, is the perfect adjunct to acupuncture, Ayruveda or western medicine.


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