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Conscious Living, Conscious Eating
By Richard Salome, M.ED Clinical Dietitian

Virtually every day I have the opportunity of meeting new people who are looking for answers to how they can improve their health using food and dietary methods.

Whether I am working with a "well" person or a "desperate" person, I have come to see, over my 15 years in practice, that there is a common thread that connects all complaints and conditions. I explain to everyone that when we are unfaithful to natural laws or when we ignore our soul's purpose for being on this planet, then we can count on our health sending us a message by breaking down.

So the healing process begins with examining who you are. What is your soul's purpose for being on this planet? What is your nature and how do you fully express your nature, moment to moment? Once your nature and purpose for being on the planet are clear to both of us, then we can identify the areas in your life where there is a discrepancy between your nature on the one hand and your thoughts, habits, roles and beliefs on the other hand. Healing is the resolution of these discrepancies.

You might be wondering how a clinical nutritionist connects your diet to the understanding of your soul's purpose. The answer clearly appears when we examine the process that each one of us uses to select, prepare, consume, and recycle what we ingest. I tell my clients, "Your eating subtly mirrors you and any discrepancies with your higher purpose. If you want to see yourself, just carefully examine your eating habits." Our eating habits also reflect our culture's message about food -- eat to experience immediate recreational and sensory pleasures rather than eat to build lifelong functional health. We have distanced ourselves from our original energy foods and are consuming a rapidly increasing number of chemical structures that our internal security systems identify as foreign yet our sensory system finds pleasurable.

So, the truth is, most of us eat more out of habit and cultural tradition than out of conscious selection. Few of us have developed the skill to "read" the energy of the food that we eat. Fewer of us recognize how to match what we eat to who we are. Without this intuitive "muscle" developed and functioning daily, we are compelled to eat in ways that do not support our health or our path toward our soul's purpose. How does one develop the intuition to select proper foods? In all cases it begins by learning a few simple concepts. The first lesson is that the primary knowledge about what we should eat is not written in any book, but rather is stored in the nucleus of each cell in our body. I teach individuals how to access this information using simple internal observation practices and biofeedback techniques. Along the way, we ground this work with an understanding of the energetic pathways and how the body functions. To master the skill of "eating from intuition," one naturally has to face the body' learned responses. Our computerized brain, which we consciously or unconsciously use to select our meals, is bombarded with rapid-fire signals from multiple families of resident bacteria, viruses, and other parasitic organism. In addition, the law of sympathetic vibration matches internal stored memories from waste matter with external food stimuli to trigger cravings for many nonessential foods. Add this to the built-in survival mechanism where the brain tries to replicate previous pleasurable eating experiences and we can begin to sketch a picture of how we have lived outside of our nature.

Now, are you beginning to see how nutrition is related to understanding your life's purpose? When you make the conscious decision to learn from and follow the wisdom of your cells and organs, your body gets the opportunity to do some much needed internal housecleaning. This is required to bring about vibrant health. With the organs and the cells cleaned out, the process of eating for life automatically gets stored in the memory of every cell and is transferred to every activity in your life. Your thoughts and actions take on new dimensions and your body begins a regenerative cycle which leads to health.

In future issues, I will explore the various dietary systems and I will share details about the process that I use to help my clients develop an awareness of their inner wisdom. To get you started, contemplate this question: What are your 15 most important sources of nutrition? I'll share my thoughts and experience on this in the next newsletter. Stay tuned.

Richard Salome, M.ED., has been teaching the relationship between diet and health since 1979 following his recovery from a life-threatening health condition where he use nutrition to heal himself. He has conducted extensive research in, and has personal experience with a variety of nutritional programs including the Ayurvedic, Natural Hygiene, Hippocrates, Macrobiotics, Kelley, and Gerson systems. His teaching reflects a unique blend of these systems and his ever expanding experiences.


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