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Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out
By Daniel Ebaugh, M.Ac, L.Ac.

Acupuncture is based in nature; therefore as an acupuncturist, I look to the seasons and the phenomena which occur within each season to show me how to live in harmony with nature.

In winter, all movement in nature slows, even to the point of stillness. Animals hibernate. The sap in the tree never moves. The river freezes, thwarting movement.

In the spring, however, the once dormant energy begins a trickling flow, pulsating into a bud and ultimately bursting forth to manifest into full bloom. As the dormant life force begins to move, it commences a cleansing process. Rubbish located on the river bed is swept along, purging all that obstructs the river's flow. Animals begin the preening and cleaning processes in preparation for courtship and mating. Gardeners rake up fallen leaves and gather downed branches in an effort to clean up. During the transition between winter and spring, the fierceness of the wind cleanses the surface of all that is dead and loose.

As an acupuncturist, I observe what is happening in nature and encourage the same phenomena to manifest within my patients body. In the springtime I ask what can one do to support the internal movement and cleansing process necessary to promote good health? I have several suggestions. First, drink lots of water. I also find it useful to add Hydrate I to help the body uptake water. Second, flush out the liver and gall bladder using fresh citrus and vegetable juices. Third, clean out the mucoid plaque from the walls of the stomach, large and small intestines using a no-nonsense herbal program. Fourth, schedule a biofeedback evaluation with my office to determine if the energetic flow within the body is being thwarted by toxins, heavy metals, pollutants and the like. The human body is made up of 25 % solids and 75 % water. Without adequate hydration of all the organs and cells of the body, normal internal cleansing can not take place and any spring cleaning which is designed to remove debris will only result in a clogged system.

Therefore, drinking water is a must to support the cleansing process. However, it is not how much water you swallow, but how much water your body can uptake which determines if every cell of your body is receiving the water it needs to function. Fatigue, poor digestion, constipation, and water retention can represent the body's call for greater uptake of water. The body's uptake of water can be enhanced greatly-as much as 24 times-if a transporter is added. Simply by adding sub-acid fruit juice (such as organic apple, pear, lemon or watermelon), caffeine in diluted amounts for women, and dandelion herb for men, to mineral/spring water, the transporter effect is achieved. When the cells receive adequate hydration, nutrients are delivered and poisonous wastes are diluted and removed from the cell. True spring cleaning at the cellular level takes place.

Here is my recipe: fill a quart bottle three quarters full with mineral/spring water. Then fill the remaining quarter with organic apple juice. To this mixture add 30 drops of Hydrate I which contains homeopathic caffeine (this does not have the same effect as caffeine found in coffee) and dandelion herb. Sip this drink throughout the day.

When I first started drinking this mixture, I found myself waking with a moist mouth and moisture in my eye instead of crusty sleepers. I took this as a sign that my cells were being hydrated and, with hydration, cleansed. It is our philosophy at Bubbling Spring that not every remedy is good for everybody. Therefore, if your mind has been convinced by the words on this page that you should try Hydrate I, I suggest asking your body whether or not it agrees with your mind. This can be done by muscle testing the remedy-a very quick and simple way to determine if the remedy strengthens or weakens your energy.

While it is important that each cell of the body be cleansed, it is equally important, to periodically backwash or flush out the liver, the organ of the body which is responsible for filtering toxins from the blood, metabolizing fats and proteins, and sustaining a strong immune system. According to acupuncture theory, which is based in nature, the rising spring energy is expressed through the Liver and Gall Bladder Officials. By cleansing the liver and gall bladder in the spring, we are working in harmony with natural laws making sure that this ascending energy can move smoothly and effortlessly in the body. A combination of citrus and vegetable juices, and garlic capsules taken, typically, for a month, along with one's regular diet will flush out the liver.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to go to your grave with gall stones or have an operation to remove them. Even before gall stones start to obstruct the functioning of the liver and gall bladder, it is possible to flush them out as a preventive measure. It's a bit like flushing out the car radiator to remove buildup from the narrow passages as a way of preventing the cooling system from malfunction. Using fruit juice, olive oil, and Epson Salts, it is possible to invite the calcified material to leave the gall bladder, pass into the colon, and be expelled with the feces. The gall stones, looking like small green peas, can be seen floating on the water in the toilet bowl.

When I did these two flushes, I noticed my eye sight sharpened, I had more get-up- and-go when I woke in the morning, and I felt less irritable. Also, after these cleanses, I found it was easier to let go of anger and resentments. Since modern man is exposed to so many toxic substances found in the air he breathes and the food and water he takes in, I believe almost anyone could benefit from doing the liver and gall bladder flush. Barring allergic reactions to citrus or olive oil, anyone in relatively stable health--except pregnant or lactating women--can safely do these flushes. Successfully completing both the liver and gall bladder flush greatly prepares the body to handle the heavy toxic load generated by a serious gastrointestinal cleanse program.

Growing up in my family, spring cleaning was taken very seriously. Mother meticulously went through the house vacuuming every corner and every ledge. She washed all the curtains and windows inside and out. The cupboards were cleaned and the mattresses turned. At Easter, by asking for forgiveness of sins we attempted to clean up the emotional and spiritual part of our lives. However, our family culture never stressed the importance of a ritual internal cleansing beyond perhaps a token one-day fast for Lent. From Auryvedic medicine I have learned the importance of cleaning out the intestinal tract to promote health and prevent the development of such serious diseases as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the like.

Even though one drinks lots of water or water with Hydrate I, completes the liver and gall bladder flush, it is still possible for toxins or pollutants to remain in the body. By using a biofeedback machine to communicate with the body's energy, we can identify which remedies are needed to balance your energy. We can then determine from an energetic perspective what is blocking the Life Force's flow in your body (i.e. toxins, heavy metals, pollutants, bacteria, fungus, food reactants, etc.) and recommend remedies your body desires to assist in eliminating the toxins. It is not necessary to experience pathological symptoms to benefit from a biofeedback energetic evaluation. Just by living life in this modern world and eating non-organic food, your system is likely compromised and could use the precise support it desires to return to health and prevent further imbalance.

If you experience chronic conditions such as colds, low grade infections, mucus discharge, digestive difficulties, low energy or allergies, a biofeedback evaluation can pinpoint the exact remedies to pull out any toxins lurking and choose supplements your body says it wants to nourish and build the Life Force.

So as we move into this new season, there are many healthful things you can do to spring clean your body from the inside out: drink water, drink water with Hydrate I, do a liver and gall bladder flush, and make an appointment for a bio-feedback evaluation. Please feel free to call me @ 301-613-4449 to talk about which spring clean activity is best for you.


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