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By Daniel I. Ebaugh, M.Ac., L.Ac.


Using a sophisticated computer software program, and a bio-feedback machine, the Avatar bio-feedback machine communicates with the energy in your body . At the time of evaluation, your body's energetic response to the energy found in herbs and homeopathic remedies lets us know precisely which nutritional supplements will bring your bodymindspirit into balance. No more spending lots of money for supplements touted to be beneficial for everyone when your body may not even need them.

By identifying which remedies are needed to balance your energy, we can determine from an energetic perspective, what is blocking the Life Force's flow in your body, ie. toxins, pollutants, bacteria, fungus, food reactants, etc. While the Avatar bio-feedback evaluation does not provide a medical diagnosis, it does offer an energetic assessment of your energy's state of balance/imbalance.


All Healthy Souls can benefit! It is not necessary to experience pathological symptoms to benefit from an Avatar energetic evaluation. Just by living life in this modern world, aging, and eating non-organic food, your system is likely compromised and could use the precise support it desires to return to health and prevent further imbalance.

All "Unhealthy" Souls can benefit too. If you experience chronic conditions such as colds, low grade infections, mucus discharge, digestive difficulties, low energy, or allergies, then an Avatar evaluation can pinpoint the exact remedies to pull out any toxins lurking and choose supplements to nourish and build up the Life Force.


Before making an appointment, you discuss with the acupuncturist your goals for your health. Once it is clear that the Avatar machine is an appropriate modality to produce the outcome you desire, then an appointment is set. At home, you answer a health history questionnaire. During the first 15 minutes of your visit you discuss your medical history and detail for the acupuncturist how you would like to cultivate your health. Then the Avatar energetic evaluation begins.

Your body's energy is either made weaker or stronger when the energy of a remedy is introduced to your acupuncture meridian system. Therefore, we lightly touch a probe to acupuncture points located on your fingers and toes for the purpose of asking your body which remedies bring your energy to balance.

Typically, from a list of over 150 specially selected remedies, 10 to 20 remedies, standing alone, will move the system toward balance, From this grouping, a combination of 3 to 8 remedies is sought to do the work of detoxifying, strengthening, nurturing and building the body's systems. Once the most supportive combination of remedies is determined, the investigative process is completed.

You are given an explanation of how each remedy will support your system. Additionally, explicit instructions on when and how to take the remedies are written out for reference at home.

Each remedy combination has a particular thrust. Usually it takes 3 to 6 weeks for your body to assimilate all the combination has to offer. Once the combination has done its job, it is time to go deeper. Another Avatar evaluation can determine how best to continue the healing process ie. detoxify, nurture and/or build your body system.


“Years of acupuncture treatment have changed my life and I still experienced frequent headaches and low energy requiring mid-day naps. To my amazement the Avatar system identified chemical toxins and heavy metals in my system. I took the recommended remedies and after six Avatar Evaluations I can report going for two weeks without a headache and stable energy with infrequent mid-day naps. I am very satisfied with these results and I plan to continue the Avatar evaluations to further detoxify and repair my body. What a great return on my investment.”

-Psychologist, Baltimore, MD

“I am a printmaker and I have been exposed to toxic techniques in etching plates. After years of printmaking, I had a knot in my chest, throbbing in my heart, cold hands and feet and could eat only four foods without severe indigestion.

Acupuncture stabilized the condition and the Avatar evaluation identified and suggested remedies to pull out the toxins. After taking the remedies, I am virtually symptom free. I have also changed the materials I work with to support my health so that I can continue with my love, printmaking.”

-Printmaker, McLean, VA


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