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By Daniel I. Ebaugh, M.Ac., L.Ac.

·         Blending ancient and modern theories of energetic medicine with cutting-edge technology

·         A holistic, individualized investigative process

·         Communicating with the innate wise part of you.

·         Finding out what is functioning well and what is not.

·         Sleuthing “Mystery” Conditions

We begin the Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation with NeutriEnergtic System’s (NES) scan of the Human Body Field.  You place your hand on a device that is hooked up to a computer.  It reads your energetic body field and communicates it to the computer.  The computer compares your energetic read to that of an optimal energetic read and tells us the deviation from optimal for 144 different things.  So we’ll learn

  • if the organs of the body have enough energy to do their job;
  • if the message from the Human Body Field which directs the biological body telling it what to do moment to moment, is getting through.
  • If environmental pollution like EMFs, chemicals or heavy metals have penetrated your body’s defense;
  • If there are sensitivities to lactose, gluten and sugar;
  • If you need vitamins and minerals;
  • If you are absorbing and metabolizing what you eat

It takes all of about 10 seconds to process all of this and people are always amazed by how accurate the scan is.   

As an acupuncturist, I am trained to work with the energy or Life Force in your body.  That Life Force manifests within the body and also expresses itself as an energetic field which lives off the surface of the body.  In the West, we say, “A person has a big presence about them.”  When we talk about presence, we are actually referring to the energetic field which surrounds the body.  

Anything that comes in contact with this energetic field will either make your system weak or make you strong.  So we can place a bottle of herbs in your field (next to your chest) or the practitioner, through his intention, can place a thought, which is energy, in your energetic field.  Through muscle response testing, it is possible to observe whether the herbs or thoughts make your energetic system weak or strong.

Muscle response testing bypasses the conscious thinking processes to deliver information from the body, and the subconscious mind. Your brain carries out thousands of non-verbal, interactive “conversations” with your muscles, glands, organs, nerves, immune system, etc. every second. Your body is internally “self-aware” of all of these systems from the moment of birth. No instrument, medical laboratory, or computer is as sensitive, powerful and comprehensive as this wise part of you.  The Autonomic Nervous System (it controls all involuntary bodily functions like digestion, and breathing etc.)  is the body’s link to this innate wisdom.  So we communicate with the innate wise part of you, by way of the autonomic nervous system.   


By following the body’s wisdom with the discipline of a detective, this holistic, individualized investigative process allows us to discover what is really going on and what may be blocking your healing.   


During the Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation, we ask the autonomic nervous system over 1000 yes/no questions in an effort to find out what is functioning well and what is not.  With the mindset of a detective, we look for the relationship between symptoms, function, external stressors (pollen, foods), internal stressors (inflammation, toxins), and the herbs or natural supplements which, in combination, tests strong in the presence of everything that tests weak.  By following the body’s wisdom, this holistic, individualized investigative process allows us to discover what is really going on and what may be blocking your healing.   

Take this case, for example. Jane Doe had trouble getting pregnant with her first child who is now 6 years old. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant with their second without success for the past 3 years.  All the GYN exams indicated both organ and hormonal function were normal and there was no reason she shouldn’t get pregnant.  The Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation identified gluten as an external stressor which only impacted the function of the uterus, no other organs and no other hormonal glands.  We cleared the allergy to gluten using the NeruoModulation Technique (NMT) allergy elimination treatment and Jane took some remedies to cleanse the body and open the body to becoming pregnant.

The Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation blends ancient and modern theories/practices of energetic medicine with cutting-edge technology and protocols which are based in the laws of quantum physics….the science that identifies matter as energy, validates the existence of energy fields in the body and their influence in controlling our physiology and our health.   

Most of us have not studied quantum physics and thus we are ignorant of this whole other world…that energy exists, is very real and has been around since the beginning of time.  

I invite you to discover what the world of energetic medicine can reveal about your health whether you are dealing with minor health issues or the most stubborn, “untreatable” chronic conditions and pain. 


People with the most stubborn, “untreatable” chronic conditions that have not responded or have gotten only marginally better with drugs, exercise, physical therapy or psychotherapy, are primary candidates for the Comprehensive Energetic Evaluation. 

People experiencing minor health issues find out exactly what their body needs to stay healthy.


What makes us successful?

We employ a holistic, individualized investigative process.

We follow your body’s innate wisdom which knows the answer to all manor of questions.

We ask questions and look for relationships through a creative, holistic, functional medicine lens.



Daniel Ebaugh, an acupuncturist since 1984 holds a Masters of Acupuncture degree from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD and has completed a 4 year course in Kiiko Style Japanese Acupuncture (2007) and a 2 year course in Chinese Herbs with the internationally know Ted Kapchuck (1990).

Additionally, he has studied with cutting-edge pioneers in energetic/informational medicine learning such protocols as BioSet Allergy Elimination, the IQS screening system, Nutri-energetic Evaluation System  (NES) and NeuroModulation Technique (NMT. Along with his passion for solving the mystery of complicated, “untreatable” conditions, he combines his knowledge of informational medicine modalities, his acupuncture background and meditation studies to offer you a unique set of energetic evaluation and treatment skills possessed by few practitioners in this country.
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