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Daniel I. Ebaugh, M.Ac., L.Ac. |


Bubbling Spring is a Wellness Center. As a bubbling spring feeds all vegetation from a deep source with its life-giving waters it is our goal to provide holistic health care information, products and services to assist individuals on their path and nurture their own inner source of life giving energy. In this effort we invite each person to take charge of their own physical, mental and spiritual growth as they move toward the realization of their true nature and potential.

From our personal healing journeys and our professional background in acupuncture and information medicine we have developed a deep understanding of the healing process and the holistic health care market place. We have found that the market is flooded with products and services which are often touted to work for everyone. In contrast to this common business practice, we stand committed to offer our clients services with integrity and superior products. We routinely ask the body's energy directly what it needs to achieve balance.

Through our mail order service, Bubbling Spring is committed to offering holistic health care supplements and products that we have successfully used to promote our own self-care. Located in Kensington, MD, Bubbling Spring Wellness also offers services such as acupuncture by a former Traditional Acupuncture Institute faculty member, information medicine evaluations, work shops and seminars -- all for the purpose of assisting individuals to take charge of their physical, mental, and spiritual health, moving toward experiencing the bubbling spring within.


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