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 Treating ADD and Brain Disorders, without drugs

  • "Brain disorders deprive children of their future, the elderly of their past, and adults of their present."

  • There is hope, even if you have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s, a learning disorder, memory loss or psychological issues like anxiety, bi-polar, depression,  or eating disorders.

  • You can fully recover your life and do it WITHOUT the use of drugs.

Treating ADD and Other Brain Disorders from the Inside Out Without Drugs.

If you or your child have been diagnosed with  learning disorders,  ADD/ADHD,  Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Asperger’s, autism, or suffer from anxiety, addictions, bi-polar, depression, eating disorders, or obsessive-compulsive disorders there is hope. You can recover your life and do it without the use of drugs.  

Searching the Whole, Finding the Cause

Twenty years of scientific research and clinical experience by integrative health docs treating autism and ADD/ADHD indicate that successful treatment of these conditions starts by (1) locating the cause of the “psychiatric or neurological” condition in the body--rather than the brain. and (2) treating the body and the gut, often referred to as the second brain, in order to heal the brain itself. 

A clinical detective who recognizes the reality that each biological system works as a part of a whole system can more successfully put the pieces of the puzzle together to design an individual treatment plan which will heal the body and ultimately the brain.  

Biomedicine and Health Counselors Focus on Symptoms 

Biomedicine’s approach focuses on treating ADHD, autism and the other conditions listed above as “brain disorders.”  They are diagnosed by a psychiatrist or a neurological psychologist who typically asks the question “What is wrong with the brain?” and then focuses on treating the brain with drugs. Remember, nothing happens within one system that doesn’t affect every part of the whole.  

Many medical professionals are recognizing that we must treat the whole body to find the cure.  Among them, Mark Hyman, MD, a doctor who has practiced integrative medicine for over 20 years and healed himself from a “broken brain,” states in his book, The UltraMind Solution, “These drugs don’t cure the problem. Rather, they simply cover over the symptoms.” Covering over the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and the other conditions mentioned above may provide temporary relief but at the expense of driving the imbalance deeper and/or generating drug-related side effects.  

Many with ADD or brain disorders also turn to mental health counselors for therapy and special training.  These professionals typically focus on behavior modification, coping or compensatory strategies, social skills/relationship training and psychotherapy to help the adult or child manage, contain or reshape him- or herself to function more easily in the world.  When Bubbling Spring's holistic approach is part of the talk therapy/psycho-education treatment plan, the clients’ overall chance for healing improves exponentially. 

At Bubbling Spring Wellness, an Expert Clinical Detective Finds the Cause, and Treats the Whole with Individualized Treatment Plans 

At Bubbling Spring Wellness, we specialize in assessing systemic metabolic imbalances and offering individualized treatment plans. Our plans are designed to eliminate the causes of imbalance and promote the healing of the body and consequently the brain.  

We look outside the brain for the root cause of the above-mentioned conditions, assessing the impact that a toxic environment, a nutrient-depleted diet, and a stress-overload have on the brain.

(1)     We observe the connection between behaviors, choices, habits, diet and their impact on your health, day to day;

(2)     We use questionnaires and muscle testing to identify the precise  components of each metabolic issue; 

(3)     We solve the puzzle that is presented through analyzing patterns, relationships and connections within the whole body (not just the brain) and;

(4)     We treat the whole body---by eliminating inflammation, toxins, allergens, infections, all sorts of gut malfunctions and inefficient waste drainage issues---to get the body AND the brain working again.   

Through the use of questionnaires and muscle testing we

  • identify the exact foods that contribute to your brain malfunctions and recommend changes;
  • identify toxins and determine if waste drainage routes are open;
  • identify allergens and eliminate them using NeuroModulation Technique;
  • identify infectious agents and activate your body’s capacity to kill them off;
  • identify life stressors and make a plan to reduce them;
  • identify weakened organs/tissues and boost their function using food and nutritional supplements;
  • identify inflammation and eliminate it, especially if it is found in the brain;
  • identify hormones which may be out of balance and promote the body’s self-healing of these;
  • identify breakdowns in the digestive process and restore these functions;
  • identify cellular energy metabolism inefficiencies and correct them.

All of this is done without the use of drugs, employing a unique treatment designed for each individual….with the end result… when we fix the body, we also fix the brain.  

Initial Evaluation Informs Treatment 

Before beginning with treatment, new clients receive an exhaustive energetic evaluation.  We use questionnaire and muscle response testing, a simple (non-speaking) energetic technique that accesses the other-than-conscious mind to get answers to as many as 1,000 questions.  We want to know how your gut and nervous systems have been compromised.  After evaluation, patients receive a report of findings that point the way forward to eliminating ADD from the inside out without drugs.     

Honoring the Healing Path 

With this holistic approach, we have no choice but to honor the patient’s internally driven healing path no matter how long it takes.  By necessity, it trumps any external time line for change that parents, teachers or spouses might impose.  We are wiser to celebrate whatever change actually shows up. Even if the change feels “small,” the presence of any change should make it easier to exercise patience, hope and trust.  In fact, if we impose our expectations on the patient’s healing path, we dishonor his unique healing process and ultimately rob him of the opportunity to heal systemically and re-organize internally, in his own way, at his own pace, from the inside out. 

Bubbling Spring’s Approach Is Not for Everyone 

As a consumer, you can opt to treat the brain with drugs or you can elect to treat the systemic metabolic disorder that impacts the brain.  The choice to follow the healing process approach is not right for everyone.  As described above, this treatment modality takes more self-effort and a willingness to let go of the “quick fix” mentality. 

You Are Neither Your Diagnosis Nor Your Symptoms  

If you or your child has been diagnosed with one of the conditions listed above, we want to assure you that we know you are not your diagnosis or your symptoms. While a health professional or teacher may have given your symptom a name, what you actually have is a systemic metabolic disorder that happens to affect the brain.  Who you really are lives underneath these symptoms and will emerge if given a chance.  By healing the body, we heal the brain so who you really are shines through for the entire world to see.




Daniel Ebaugh, an acupuncturist since 1984 holds a Masters of Acupuncture degree from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD and has completed a 4 year course in Kiiko Style Japanese Acupuncture (2009) and a 2 year course in Chinese Herbs with the internationally know Ted Kaptchuck (1990). 

From 1990, he has studied with cutting edge pioneers in energetic/informational medicine learning such protocols as BioSet Allergy Elimination, the IQS screening system, Nutri-energetic Evaluation System and NeuroModulation Technique.  He combines his knowledge and understanding of these informational medicine modalities with his acupuncture background to offer you a unique set of energetic evaluation and treatment skills possessed by few practitioners in this country.   

What distinguishes Dan from other practitioners is his experience, knowledge and skill in communicating with your body’s Wisdom so that it informs diagnosis and dictates treatment allowing him to get it right the first time.


Bubbling Spring Wellness 

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